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    andrew-willimott-10653  9 years ago

    Hi Manuele,

    Thanks for sharing.   Could you please explain what you mean by "manage data from many different sources on the fly".  Does that mean you just want to query the other sources, or are you trying to update or alter the other sources ?

    I need something similar, just to extract the table definitions and to select the data, but I do not want to alter the other sources.



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    • andrew-willimott-10653 9 years ago

      Thanks Manuele, I'll look further into it as I am working on something very similar at the moment. I basically want to be able to initially get information on the data structures and then build a regular data extraction process (Data warehousing Extracts). It looks like you're targeting MSSQL, which I am also, but I was planning to make it generic, like the Adapters in DAL, so that I could have a "get data structure" function that could adapt to MSSQL,Oracle, etc. Happy to contribute, but I'm relatively new to web2py. Thanks Andrew

    • manuele 9 years ago

      Hi Andrew, I mean that sometimes I need a quick way to access data from some db connection but their structure is not fix. If the table already exist they are considered with a migrate parameter as False. Update data and table alteration are not necessary. You can setup permission in order they cannot be modified by other users. At the moment users can setup their own connections and cannot share them. But other users that insert identical DSN accuire alteration permissions of table of the connection. So you can only share data (and not data structure) and you can choose between read only or even wrinting sharing. Insert and update will only be possible to other users only in this second case. Mind that at the moment table structure extraction is not yet implemented. I got some suggestions from mailing list but I didn't have time to try them. I'll be happy if you would contribute to this little project.



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This is the basic recipe or idea for a web2py plugin with the aim of inspecting into database connection contents without the needing of an appropriate model.

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