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    craxsnet  8 years ago


        sel = SELECT(*opts, _parent_id=parent_id, **attr)
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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    • craxsnet 8 years ago

      its works, thank you

    • craxsnet 8 years ago

      ok , i try it and give you my feedbak, thanks.

    • segmentation-fault 8 years ago

      Hi, can't reproduce this error. To be honest I can't see what is wrong with syntax here? Someone has the same error? Try to replace this line with following two: attr["_parent_id"] = parent_id sel = SELECT(*opts, **attr) Please give me feedback if it helped or not. Thanks.

    • craxsnet 8 years ago

      in line 295

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Yet another dropdown chain (cascade) widget with select-or-add-new links capability. Note: Now is working with web2py 2.2.1

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