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    rochacbruno  8 years ago

    Nice slice!

    I would change a little to:

     def captcha_field(request=request, apikey, apisecret, fieldname="captcha", label="verify"):
        from gluon.tools import Recaptcha
        w = lambda x,y: Recaptcha(request,
        return Field(fieldname, 'string', label=label, widget=w, default='ok')


    And using with

    captcha_field(apikey, apisecret, "mycaptcha", "write the security code")

    Also I think it can be included as

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    • michelecomitini 8 years ago

      Those are nice, also it should be moved to a module by using current.request

Commented on:

Adding a captcha to a form as shown in the book requires too much work!! ;-) Here is a simpler way to do it.

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