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    iggass  11 years ago
    Hi Dave, What error log are we talking about? I'd suggest putting some printouts in web2py.py in order to see if it's been called. If it does, then there's a problem with web2py which should be debugged, otherwise it's likely some apache configuration problem, and hostmonster's helpdesk are likely to be able to help. Actually, I just finished setting up another hostmonster account according to this instructions, it went completely OK. No particular reason for using 8080 except: 1) it seems to be open by default. For other ports (like 8000), you'd need to submit request to the support. 2) it actually doesn't matter, it just being copied to another file, Apache listens to 80 anyway. If you have any other questions, please contact me directly, as I'm not likely to visit this page anywhere soon. Best, Igor

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This is how I set up web2py running with FastCGI on Hostmonster shared hosting.

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