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First you need to generate an APIKEY for you, you can do that on Flickr Developers page

After that you need to create a function to fetch the flickr API, generaly this is created in models, but you can do that in modules too.

Create a function in any of your model files


def get_flickerset(pset=None, per_page=15, page=1):
    from urllib2 import urlopen
    from xml.dom.minidom import parse as domparse
    apiurl = 'http://api.flickr.com/services/rest/?method=flickr.photosets.getPhotos&api_key=%(apikey)s&photoset_id=%(pset)s&privacy_filter=1&per_page=%(per_page)s&page=%(page)s&extras=url_t,url_m,url_o,url_sq'
    dom = domparse(urlopen(apiurl % dict(pset=pset, per_page=per_page, page=page, apikey=APIKEY)))

    photos = []

    for node in dom.getElementsByTagName('photo'):

    return photos

Now you can call that funtion from controller or views:

def testflickr():

    photos=get_flickerset(pset='THE_PHOTOSET_ID', per_page=15, page=1)

    return locals()

In view do that

{{for photo in photos:}}

The final

alt text

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