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def create_self_signed_cert(cert_dir):
    create a new self-signed cert and key and write them to disk
    from OpenSSL import crypto, SSL
    from socket import gethostname
    from pprint import pprint
    from time import gmtime, mktime
    from os.path import exists, join

    CERT_FILE = "ssl_certificate.crt"    
    KEY_FILE = "ssl_self_signed.key"
    ssl_created = False
    if not exists(join(cert_dir, CERT_FILE)) \
            or not exists(join(cert_dir, KEY_FILE)):
        ssl_created = True    
        # create a key pair
        k = crypto.PKey()
        k.generate_key(crypto.TYPE_RSA, 4096)

        # create a self-signed cert
        cert = crypto.X509()
        cert.get_subject().C = "AQ"
        cert.get_subject().ST = "State"
        cert.get_subject().L = "City"
        cert.get_subject().O = "Company"
        cert.get_subject().OU = "Organization"
        cert.get_subject().CN = gethostname()
        cert.sign(k, 'sha1')

        open(join(cert_dir, CERT_FILE), "wt").write(
            crypto.dump_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, cert))
        open(join(cert_dir, KEY_FILE), "wt").write(
            crypto.dump_privatekey(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, k))

    return(ssl_created, cert_dir, CERT_FILE, KEY_FILE)

def generate_ssl_key():
    ssl_created, cert_dir, CERT_FILE, KEY_FILE = create_self_signed_cert(request.folder + "private/")
    return(dict(ssl_created=ssl_created, cert_dir=cert_dir, CERT_FILE=CERT_FILE, KEY_FILE=KEY_FILE))

View default/generate_ssl_key.html

{{extend 'layout.html'}}
<h1>SSL certificate and key generated</h1>

Saved to: {{=cert_dir}}<br>
Certificate: {{=cert_dir}}{{=CERT_FILE}}<br>
Self-signed Key: {{=cert_dir}}{{=KEY_FILE}}<br><br>
Run web2py with SSL:<br>
python web2py.py -c {{=cert_dir}}{{=CERT_FILE}} -k {{=cert_dir}}{{=KEY_FILE}} -i IP -p PORT

Open http://yoursite/app/default/generate_ssl_key

Uncomment this line in db.py:


Enjoy your privacy www.eff.org www.torproject.org

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