If you benefit from web2py hope you feel encouraged to pay it forward by contributing back to society in whatever form you choose!


Version control your dev app, while keeping a central mercurial version with stable versions.

Modify your code, test, test, and test some more. When OK, commit with a tag.

On your production environment, keep a checkout of the repository, and just run an hg pull && hg update to get the latest working version of web2py. Then restart apache.

Be sure to add these to .hgignore

syntax: glob
syntax: regexp

And use SSH for push/pull.

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    tyoc213 11 years ago
    Because you already have backups of the files in the repo, and you don't want to upload data you have for local tests... Perhaps also add to the ignored files in the **glob** section *.bak Perhaps also add to the ignored files in the **regex** section ^uploads/ Also remember to hit the regenerate strings for the languages only 1 time before distribute for make changes and record them (the ones only related to strings) and don't mix this language files modifications with the normal commit flow of your source, I mean a timeline like [develop no regenerate lang files] -> [regenerate lang files and update the translations] -> [develop no regenerate lang files] each [..] are changesets that only relate to 1 of this phases... because if not you will end mixings this changes (not good nor bad... but I think is cleaner)

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    mrfreeze 12 years ago
    Short and sweet. I like it.

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