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Include the necessary files by adding this to your model or controller:


Copy the widget code to your model:

def date_widget(f,v):
    wrapper = DIV()
    inp = SQLFORM.widgets.string.widget(f,v,_class="jqdate")
    jqscr = SCRIPT("jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('#%s').datepicker({dateFormat:'yy-mm-dd'});});" % inp['_id'],_type="text/javascript")
    return wrapper

Apply the widget to a field:


Try it out in your controller:

def index():
    form = SQLFORM(db.test)    
    if form.accepts(request.vars,session):
        response.flash = "Got it"
    all = db().select(db.test.ALL)
    return dict(form=form,all=all)


Demo application (right click/Save As): Download

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    apardue 11 years ago
    Hi - thanks for this. It works great in Firefox, however there seems to be a problem in IE8. The rest of the page after the field using the date picker plugin is completely blank. I downloaded the demo app on this page to confirm it wasn't my implementation of it that had bungled something. I checked the error details for the IE page which stated: "HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)" Does anybody have any ideas on a possible fix for this? I have been forced to drop the plugin in the mean time. Any help appreciated.

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    mrfreeze 11 years ago
    @vanbasten - I made it work by wrapping the script in a jQuery(document).ready function. Can you try again?

  • 0
    apardue 11 years ago
    Brilliant! Thank you Mr Freeze, problem solved.

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