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It's very simple and fast because the data query is done by server side. I call it shadow clone jutsu like the one in Naruto. There is an actual list name='maker_name' in view and it's switching to ajax one when first selection is made, then switch back to actual one when page is submitted.


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MODEL - db.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
db = DAL('sqlite://storage.sqlite') 

response.generic_patterns = ['*'] if request.is_local else []

# Foreign key is used for good practice but not required to use ajax casading drop down

    Field('Category_ID', db.Category),
    Field('Note', 'text'))

    Field('Maker_ID', db.Maker),
    Field('List_Price', 'decimal(13,2)'),
    Field('Special_Price', 'decimal(13,2)'))

db.Category.Name.requires = IS_NOT_EMPTY()
db.Maker.Name.requires = IS_NOT_EMPTY()
db.Maker.Category_ID.requires = IS_IN_DB(db, db.Category.id, '%(Name)s')
db.Product.Part_Number.requires = IS_NOT_EMPTY()
db.Product.Maker_ID.requires = IS_IN_DB(db, db.Maker.id, '%(Name)s')

# Insert test data - you can delete the line below if it's not necessary

if db(db.Category.id>0).count() == 0:
    db.Category.insert(Name='Smart Phone')

    db.Maker.insert(Name='Toshiba', Category_ID=1, Note='Good Maker')
    db.Maker.insert(Name='HP', Category_ID=1, Note='Good Maker')
    db.Maker.insert(Name='Dell', Category_ID=1, Note='Good Maker')
    db.Maker.insert(Name='Apple', Category_ID=2, Note='Good Maker')
    db.Maker.insert(Name='Samsung', Category_ID=2, Note='Good Maker')

    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product A', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=1000, Special_Price=500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product B', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=1500, Special_Price=1000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product C', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=2000, Special_Price=1500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product D', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=2500, Special_Price=2000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product E', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=3000, Special_Price=2500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Toshiba Product F', Maker_ID=1, List_Price=3500, Special_Price=3500)

    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product A', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=1000, Special_Price=500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product B', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=1500, Special_Price=1000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product C', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=2000, Special_Price=1500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product D', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=2500, Special_Price=2000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product E', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=3000, Special_Price=2500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='HP Product F', Maker_ID=2, List_Price=3500, Special_Price=3500)

    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product A', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=1000, Special_Price=500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product B', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=1500, Special_Price=1000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product C', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=2000, Special_Price=1500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product D', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=2500, Special_Price=2000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product E', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=3000, Special_Price=2500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Dell Product F', Maker_ID=3, List_Price=3500, Special_Price=3500)

    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product A', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=1000, Special_Price=500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product B', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=1500, Special_Price=1000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product C', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=2000, Special_Price=1500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product D', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=2500, Special_Price=2000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product E', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=3000, Special_Price=2500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Apple Product F', Maker_ID=4, List_Price=3500, Special_Price=3500)

    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product A', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=1000, Special_Price=500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product B', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=1500, Special_Price=1000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product C', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=2000, Special_Price=1500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product D', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=2500, Special_Price=2000)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product E', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=3000, Special_Price=2500)
    db.Product.insert(Part_Number='Samsung Product F', Maker_ID=5, List_Price=3500, Special_Price=3500)

CONTROLLER - default.py

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

def index():
    if request.vars.maker_name:
        lists = db(db.Product.Maker_ID==request.vars.maker_name).select(db.Product.ALL)
        themakers = db(db.Maker.id==request.vars.maker_name).select(db.Maker.ALL)      

        lists = db(db.Product.Maker_ID==1).select(db.Product.ALL)
        themakers = db(db.Maker.id==1).select(db.Maker.ALL)

    categories = db().select(db.Category.ALL)

    if request.vars.category_name:
        makers = db(db.Maker.Category_ID==request.vars.category_name).select(db.Maker.ALL)
        makers = db(db.Maker.Category_ID==1).select(db.Maker.ALL)
    return dict(lists=lists, categories=categories, makers=makers, themakers=themakers)

def maker():
    makers = db(db.Maker.Category_ID==request.vars.category_name).select(db.Maker.ALL)
    result = "<select name='maker_name'>"
    for maker in makers:
        result += "<option value='" + str(maker.id) + "'>" + maker.Name + "</option>"  
    result += "</select>"
    return XML(result)

VIEW - default/index.html

{{extend 'layout.html'}}

<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="{{URL()}}" method="post">
    <select name='category_name' 
        ajax('maker', ['category_name'], 'shadow_clone');">
        {{for category in categories:}}
            <option value="{{=category.id}}" 
                {{=" selected='selected'" if str(category.id)==request.vars.category_name else ""}}>

    <span id='shadow_clone'></span>

    <select name='maker_name' >
        {{for maker in makers:}}
            <option value="{{=maker.id}}" 
                {{=XML(" selected='selected'") if str(maker.id)==request.vars.maker_name else ""}}>
    <input type="submit" value='Submit'>  


<div id="left_price">

    <div id="effective_price">
        {{for themaker in themakers:}}

    <table class="pricetable">
            <th class="priceleft">Part Number</th>
            <th class="priceright">List ($)</th>
            <th class="priceright">Special ($)</th>

    <div id="table_price">
        <table  class="pricetable">
            {{for list in lists:}}
                <td class="priceleft">{{=list.Part_Number}}</td>
                <td class="priceright">{{=list.List_Price}}</td>
                <td class="priceright">{{=list.Special_Price}}</td>


<div id="right_price">


CSS - base.css (Not required) This is not required for the function. I just add it for my view.

/*For Ajax Cascading Drop Down - Omi Chiba */
#left_price {
    width: 55%;

#right_price {
    width: 40%;

#table_price {
    width: 500px;
    height: 420px;
    overflow: auto;

#effective_price {
    width: 475px;
    text-align: right;

.pricetable {
    width: 480px;

.priceleft {
    width: 160px;
    text-align: left;

.priceright {
    width: 80px;
    text-align: right;

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Comments (2)

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  • 0
    ochiba77 10 years ago
    Kostas, Thank you, I fixed the XML part in the view. For controller, I confirmed it worked great, too and I will leave it as option for people who want to use this code.

  • 0
    kmouts 10 years ago
    My small contributions: 1. In CONTROLLER
    def maker():
        makers = db(db.Maker.Category_ID==request.vars.category_name).select(db.Maker.ALL)
        opts=[OPTION(maker.Name,_value=str(maker.id)) for maker in makers]
        s = SELECT(opts,_name='maker_name')
        result = s.xml()
        return XML(result)
    This way the select tag is constructed in a more "web2pythonic" way IMHO. In addition, the
    "selected" option is easy to be chosen in the initial form. Otherwise the "for" loop must be broken,
    to add an

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