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 ingredients (ehm... requirements):



import ppygis

geometry = Field('the_geom', 'text',
    writable = False,
    represent = lambda value,row: '%s ...' % str(ppygis.Geometry.read_ewkb(value))[:50],
    label = 'Geometries',

migrate = True
tab_with_geom = db.define_table('tab_with_geom',
    migrate = migrate

if migrate:
    db.executesql('ALTER TABLE %s ALTER COLUMN %s TYPE geometry;' % ('tab_with_geom', 'the_geom'))


Retriving records:

geoms = db().select(db.tab_with_geom.the_geom)
geom = ppygis.Geometry.read_ewkb(geoms.first().the_geom)

inserting and updating:

geometric objects can be easily created as explained in ppygis documentation
that's all :)
alternatively you may want to test the new geo spatial support provided from the newest trunk web2py version as explained in this post

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