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Hi I found an old video from Massimo Di Pierro(when web2py was called gluon)

where he explains how to do an application called recipes: http://vimeo.com/428474

which is very helpful but on one pint the code doesn't work anymore. He has a table for recipes and one for categories.

on one pint pretty much in the end of the video he wants to list all the recipies belonging to one category.

he does it by the following code: try: rows=db(db.recipe.category=request.vars.category).select(db.recipe.ALL)

but when I try to replicate it I cant even compile it with the error keyword can't be an expression.

can anyone help?


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    rochacbruno 9 years ago

    Should be:




    note the ==

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    • blueshadow 9 years ago

      stupid me just watched it again he gets an error and uses a secon equal sign. O man I need to pay more attention^^

    • blueshadow 9 years ago

      thanks it works even though in the video it worked with a single equal sign Oo

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