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Sometime it's critical to keep tracking who updated the records. Built-in CSV import function is great but doesn't update the field such as updated_on, updated_by fields. Here's how I solved the problem.


Let's create a sample app.


1. Create new app called "who_imports_csv"

2. Model - create db_tables.py

# coding: utf8

    Field('flag', length=1, default=""),
    Field('updated_by', update=auth.user.first_name + " " + auth.user.last_name if auth.user else None),
    Field('updated_on', 'datetime', update=request.now))

db.friends.updated_by.writable = False
db.friends.updated_on.writable = False


Change titles on menu.py if you want.

response.title = "Who imports CSV ?"
response.subtitle = "I know who you are"

3. Controller - replace index action with this

def index():
    if request.vars.csvfile != None:
        # set values
        table = db[request.vars.table]
        file = request.vars.csvfile.file
        # import csv file
        # update who imported
        query = db.friends.flag==""
        response.flash = 'Data uploaded'
    return dict()


4. View - replace default/index.html with this

{{extend 'layout.html'}}


5. Done !


6. Try importing the csv file

7. It's showing who/when updated.

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