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Recently in the local hackerspace we have a small discussion about which tools use to reshape our website. Most of them voted for a "tested solution" including Wiki and a CMS, but I'm proposing web2py + Movuca + plugin_wiki, wich I think will be easier to understand,  extend and hack, instead of just install and use. I have installed Movuca and I've made some initial tests, but now I want to use it with plugin_wiki to offer the same of the same functionality of CMS + wiki. So I made the installation but I get an error when plugin_wiki is trying to use "auth.user". I tryed importing Auth from gluon and even "from gloun import *" but still I get the same error. There is any way to use plugin_wiki with Movuca?

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    andrew-willimott-10653 9 years ago

    Does the same apply with the new auth.wiki?    Note that Massimo suggested that plugin_wiki will be deprecated in favour of auth.wiki.

    P.S.  I'm impressed with auth.wiki so far.  Adding "movica" features (or vice versa) would be very good.


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    rochacbruno 9 years ago

    You can import Auth from movuca in controllers/plugin_wiki.py


    from movuca import DataBase, User
    db = DataBase([User])
    auth = db.auth


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    • offray 9 years ago

      Wow that was fast! Thanks. At first I edited the file in controllers/plugin_wiki.py but got the same error, so I edited /models/plugin_wiki.py adding the lines you told me and now I can go to login page, but I get a <type 'exceptions.KeyError'> 'plugin_wiki_page' after login. Seems that I'm making progress, but still no complete joy. Any pointer to a solution would be appreciated.

    • rochacbruno 9 years ago

      Add this to the top of file controllers/plugin_wiki.py

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