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from gluon.validators import Validator

class CLEANUP_JUST_NUMBERS(Validator):
    '''Filters a field stripping out non-numeric chars from it.
    def __call__(self, value):
        chars = [c for c in value if c.isdigit()]
        return (''.join(chars), None)

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    rochacbruno 9 years ago

    Is it really needed to have the __init__ method? I did not tested, but, the init is doing nothing.


    requires=CLEANUP_JUST_NUMBERS() will create an object without the need to pass any argument.

    Also I never created a subclass of Validator. I always use just "object" and it works. There is some advantage on subclassing Validator?


    BTW: Thanks for the slice!

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    • viniciusban 9 years ago

      You're right. We don't need __init__(). Code updated. Thanks.

      I subclass Validator just because all Web2py native validators do this way.

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