If you benefit from web2py hope you feel encouraged to pay it forward by contributing back to society in whatever form you choose!
  1. Go to pythonanwyere.com and then login

  2. Go to Consoles > Bash
    cd ~
    rm -f web2py_src.zip
    wget -c http://web2py.com/examples/static/web2py_src.zip
    rm -rf web2py/applications
    rm -rf web2py/deposit
    rm -rf web2py/examples
    rm -rf web2py/extras
    rm -rf web2py/gluon
    rm -rf web2py/handlers
    rm -rf web2py/logs
    rm -rf web2py/scripts
    rm -rf web2py/site-packages
    unzip web2py_src.zip
    replace web2py/web2py.py? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: A

  3. Remove Examples and Welcome apps
    rm -rf web2py/applications/examples
    rm -rf web2py/applications/welcome
    rm -f web2py_src.zip

  4. Go to Web Tab and then Reload <your domain>

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