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Hello All

I am running my web2py app over apache. At backend I start a a web2py scheduler using python "web2py.py -K <my-app>". When I do a "ps -ef" on my console, before adding any task to the queue, I see a single process being created for the scheduler. When I add task to the queue and as soon as they get picked up by the schduler I see a child process being created for each task that is being executed when I do "ps -ef" again on my console (andd offcourse a new task is not picked until the previous gets completed). 
I would like to know that is this the correct behaviour of the scheduler .i.e. should it spawn child processes for each new task or am I doing something wrong?
Also, I would like to know is it possible to stop the spawing of child processes i.e. can't just the parent process work like an infinite loop and processing the queue itself rather than spawning a child process for each task? Can I make it spawn a thread for each task instead?
Thanks and Regads


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