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  • At the beggining of a model you put the following code:
request.localnow = request.now # creation of variable localnow
if not session.timeshift: # cretion of variable timeshift and save it to session
    session.timeshift = request.localnow - request.utcnow 

This model must be executed before any call of the variables session.timeshift or request.localnow. I personally create models/0_.py for this. 0_.py always executes before other models.


  • Create file modules/helpers.py and put there the following code
    from gluon import current
    # utc : datetime
    def utc2local(utc):
        return utc+current.session.timeshift
    # utc : datetime
    def local2utc(local):
        return local-current.session.timeshift
  • Everytime that you save a datetime to database save it as UTC datetime. Use local2utc() function for the conversion.
  • In every view use utc2local() function to convert UTC datetime from the database to the local timezone of each user.


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