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    hcvst  11 years ago
    hm, when I try to update this slice it renders as HTML (tags) after saving (preview looks good - using Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 on Mac OS X). Other than to fix some spelling mistakes I just wanted to add a section on multiple repositories: The `hgwebdir` wsgi application can expose multiple repositories although for a web2py application-specific plugin this is probably not what you want. If you do however want just that, try tweaking the `config` variable that is passed to the `hgwebdir` constructor. For example you could pass the name of the repo to access through request.args[0]. URLs are even longer then, so you might want to setup some rules in routing.py.

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web2py's admin supports Mercurial for versioning but can one pull and push changes via HTTP? I wrapped Mercurial's hgwebdir wsgi app in a simple controller 'plugin_mercurial.py'.

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