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    cmj  8 years ago

    What is the advantage of using nginx and gunicorn together?  It seems like one or the other would do.  Sure I'm missing something -- how is this better than just nginx, or just gunicorn?  Thanks --

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    • ezka 8 years ago

      Well, in most case using Gunicorn will be enough but Gunicorn cannot listen on multiple networks addresses so if you need a proxy this example use Ngnix. When I was setting up my server, Nginx was already in used, and I've read some advise to NOT use the wsgi provided with Nginx. So Gunicorn seems to be a good replacement but, may be now, uwsgi is a better choice =). It's all matter of situations.

      It's still a way to deploy your web2py application, and it's a quite versatile solution based on an improved proxy, and a python dedicated WSGI HTTP server.

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