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    pydev  8 years ago

    Hi Derek,

    just tested it and it worked, thanks for sharing!

    Here is some code to fill the db:

    def fillData():
        if db(db.cars.id>0).count() == 0:
            db.cars.insert(Make='Ford',Model='Ford Focus')
            db.cars.insert(Make='Ford',Model='Ford Focus')
            db.cars.insert(Make='Nissan',Model='Nissan Sentra')
            db.cars.insert(Make='Nissan',Model='Nissan Altima')
            db.cars.insert(Make='Chevrolet',Model='Chevrolet Corvette')
            db.cars.insert(Make='Chevrolet',Model='Chevrolet Camaro')



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This is my attempt at showing how to do cascading dropdowns in the most basic way possible with Web2py.

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