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    pang  6 years ago

    I noticed that if the form is submitted via ajax it doesn't work. The ultimate reason is on the behaviour of jQuery.serialize

    Note: Only "successful controls" are serialized to the string. No submit button value is serialized since the form was not submitted using a button. For a form element's value to be included in the serialized string, the element must have a name attribute. Values from checkboxes and radio buttons (inputs of type "radio" or "checkbox") are included only if they are checked. Data from file select elements is not serialized.

    I will fix ASAIRFMH (as soon as I return from my holidays), but if you need it now, it can be fixed using the parameter formname as in gluon.html.FORM.accepts.

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HandsOnTable (http://handsontable.com) is a great javascript library that can be used in many different ways. Here you have a plugin for web2py that shows how to use for the following purpose: You have two tables t1 and t2 (example: db.auth_user and db.product) and a table t3 that is a "product" of t1 and t2 (this user wants this much of this product). A natural syntax gives you a grid that allows whose rows are entries of t1, whose columns are entries of t2, and which allows you to edit a number at the grid that crosses row and column. More info on: https://gitlab.com/the_pang/plugin_hotsheet/wikis/home

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