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    sophie  11 years ago
    I am doing the insert with the appadmin and my insert is like this: def insert(): (db, table) = get_table(request) form = SQLFORM(db[table], ignore_rw=ignore_rw) #Here is the problem if form.accepts(request.vars, session): response.flash = T('new record inserted') return dict(form=form) The problem i have, is that the auto-complete don't work with this type of insert. I think that "form = SQLFORM(db[table], ignore_rw=ignore_rw)" is different at "form = SQLFORM(db., ignore_rw=ignore_rw)" Is there a way to solve this? i don't know exactly why they are different

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This is a (overly)simple autocomplete widget using the pengoworks jQuery plugin. I used it because it works and I am too lazy to download the files and can include them using response.files

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